Bruce Jenner confirms he is a woman


Although there was some confusion on whether or not Kim’s ex-husband Kris Humphries was shading Bruce when he tweeted out, “Glad I got out when I did. #GottaDoYou,” he later apologized for being vague and cleared up speculation that he didn’t support his ex-step-father-in-law:

We guess Kris was actually being shady towards Kim and her mom since Bruce confessed that for a while he suppressed his transition while he was married to Kris Jenner, delaying Bruce’s process in coming out as a woman sooner.

However, it’s hard to show support and throw shade at the same time. #Fail!

Peep more celebrity reactions below:

FYI- This was Bruce’s last interview as “Bruce Jenner,” and he has already chosen a new name for his female identity, which he will not reveal right now (although some tabloids have revealed his new name is ‘Belinda’). His transition will be part of an eight-part series on E! Network, set to premiere in July. It is there that he will reveal his true identity and moving forward, will live as “her.”

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