Deez nutz prankster welvin harris is arrested


April 21, 2015: By now, we’re sure that you’ve seen the infamous “deez nuts” vines. Well the man who does them, Welvin Harris, is one of the BIGGEST STARS ON THE INTERNET today. He basically calls people up, tricks them into asking him “who” or “what” … and then say “DEEZ NUTS . . . GOT EM.” And he’s got close to a BILLION views already.

Well dude is IN JAIL . . . and might be for a LONG TIME> According to police, Welvin was hosting a party in California, and he alleged sexually assaulted several women who attended the event. It’s not exactly clear what Welvin did, but it was SERIOUS – because police got involved. He was taken out of the club in handcuffs and faces MULTIPLE COUNTS of sexual assault.

Word on the street is that he was ALLEGEDLY doing a “prank” which involved putting his NUTZ on girls head and faces. And the girls didn’t find it funny so they called the POLICE.

If CONVICTED he faces up to 10 YEARS IN PRISON!!

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