Fashion Pahlease – Rihanna shorts short street wear yay or nay?


Shirts under shorts. Would you give it a try?
Between tapping into vintage Lil’ Kim for a performance of ‘BBHMM,‘ and rocking China Bumps, dark lip liner and overdrawn-in eyebrows for her most recent editorials, it appears as though bad gal Riri is either going through a case of ‘I Miss the 90’s’ or the fashionista is set on bringing a whole era back.

Yesterday while leaving bestie Melissa Forde’s hat launch in SoHo, New York, the singer was spotted wearing one of her favorite dressed down looks: one pair of short-shorts with a side of shirt tucked into them. Of course the singer also paired the outfit with a retro-looking bucket hat from Mel’s line and a long, trench coat.






























Rih has been rocking the shirt-in-shorts style for years now.  Back in 2012, while in London, she did the entire look with all denim and finished it off with a pair of crotch high Louboutin boots.

She also rocked a similar fit around the time of her 24th birthday, this time with black platform shoes, a plaid shirt, knee highs and a garter belt for extra nostalgic effect.




















RIHANNA-at-the-underground (1)












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