The game is suspended from b ball over sucker punch


The Game got slapped with much more than a foul for socking a basketball opponent — ’cause the hoops league just suspended the rapper until cops and the D.A. decide his fate.

TMZ Sports broke the story — the rap star walloped a player during a game in Hollywood Sunday. The punchee turned out to be an off-duty cop, and Game claims the guy threatened him with gun play.

We spoke to Jester Black, director of the JBL Basketball League and he tells us Game is persona non grata … for the time being. He says, “I spoke to Game and told him that as of now his team can participate, but he can’t be on the court until the investigation is done.”

Black says Game can’t even put his ass on the bench or participate in team huddles — but he can watch from the stands.

For now … Game is officially the toughest cheerleader of all time.


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