Did wale get married?


Did Wale just tie the knot or…?

Does he play too much?

Wale was looking “wedding altar” fresh recently when he was spotted suited and booted in a series of wedding pics we exclusively got our hands on. Except the bride is actually model Bria Murphy and this is all in preparation for the rapper’s latest video for his single, “The Matrimony (Making Plans).” If Bria looks familiar to you, it’s because she was also the leading lady for his 2013 “Bad” video- perhaps this is the follow-up?


If so, she went from being bad for him, to good for him.

The Jake One-produced track, which is the first single from Wale’s The Album About Nothing, features R&B crooner Usher, and includes a very honest Wale singing about his fears of locking it down- even though he wants to:

My sincerest apologies, I mean it
I’ll admit it, all being pathetic
I’m in my late 20s and still never been to a wedding
Guess the idea of that lobby empty do not sit with me well


Out here tryna see if my relationship’s strong
Get a place in the charts or run away from your heart
Gave this music my all, nothing is sacred no more
I’m wrong
But I’m promisin’ you better though
And your friends sayin’ let him go
And we ain’t gettin’ any younger
I can give up now but I can promise you forever though

Meanwhile, Usher backs Wale up and provides smooth vocals on the record’s hook.

If there’s a question of my heart, you’ve got it
It don’t belong to anyone but you
If there’s a question of my love, you’ve got it
Baby don’t worry, I’ve got plans for you
Baby, I’ve been making plans, oh love (3x)

This should definitely be interesting!

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