Freddie gray abused by police in the past won settlement before he was killed

Freddie_Grey1 just spoke with a member of Freddie Gray’s family who told us that Baltimore Police had a REASON to want Freddie Gray DEAD . . . he recently filed a lawsuit AND WON against the City Of Baltimore.

According to Freddie’s family member, who reached out to us on SOCIAL MEDIA – and we VERIFIED their relationship through Facebook – Freddie SETTLED a police BRUTALITY case against the City Of Baltimore LAST YEAR – for more than $50,000. The family member did NOT know the specific details of the case – but we were told that the Baltimore PD was VERY UPSET that they had to pay 25 year old Freddie Gray A PENNY.

And we have EXCLUSIVE EVIDENCE to back up our sources claims. According to’s SOURCES, Freddie Gray settled the case against the Baltimore police department LAST YEAR. He got a STRUCTURED Settlement from the city of Baltimore, and recently SOLD THAT SETTLEMENT to All State Life Insurance.

We have the documents that PROVE THE SALE OF HIS SETTLEMENT to AllState below.

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