Kelly Rowland & baby son in new dreft commercial



Baby Titan is too cute for words!

Kelly Rowland seems to have her career on lock gearing up for her new BET show “Chasing Destiny,” as well as a new album, but her number one priority in life is being the best mommy to her son Titan Jewell.

Partnering up with Dreft for their “Amazinghood” campaign, Kelly and her baby boy are featured in the hypoallergenic baby detergent’s new commercial showing what a regular day is like for mother and son, which features walks in the park, playing together, and Titan cuddling close during sleepy time.

And although the singer was pretty shy about showing off her baby during his infant stages, it seems as though this may be one of many videos we will see as Titan goes from newborn to toddler.

One thing is for sure, he makes mommy laugh all of the time.

Watch the adorableness below:

Catch other Dreft commercials here.

From the teenage girl in Destiny’s Child to a happy mom. Kelly wears motherhood very well!



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