Tyga, who is usually hush-hush decided to comment back to Tokyo (Blac Chyna’s mom) in an attempt to play the role of peacemaker, while reminding her to think about his son Cairo:

You gotta stay off social media [Tokyo Toni]. All these stories are fake and you should know that. My grandma can barely speak English, how would she say all those things? Don’t get up in the games the media tryna get everyone to play. I’ve yet to say any[thing] disrespectful about your daughter or you. And I don’t plan on it. There will continue to be lies and fake stories everyday. But try to be the bigger person and try not to resort to talking publicly about a private family matter. King is the bigger picture. Please keep the peace for his sake.

His aunt, Cece, also hopped in the comments to defend Tyga and to co-sign there is no way her mother would have given that interview:

Ms. Toni, I have mad love and respect for you. I wish before you posted this article thinking it was a real article, that you would have reached out to us first. My mom BARELY speaks good English, yet this person who wrote this story says that my mom said all these things. You of all people should know this isn’t true. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day *heart emoji*
And although it takes a lot these days to get Chyna to address anything on the issue anymore (she even stayed quiet during her mother’s rant), it appears Tyga and Cece speaking up was all it took for her to show that she is 100 percent behind her mom. She hopped on Twitter to say:

Tyga Do as you say… and don’t address family issues over social media.

Cece girl bye

This is a tough situation! It’s one thing for a man and woman to have disagreements and a child is involved, it’s another when the entire family starts hopping in, throwing jabs at each other and making the situation so much bigger.

The sad and ironic part about all of this? Is that all parties involved are are fighting against one another in the name of family, yet can’t seem to get along and make it work in the name of family. Crazy, right?

Sigh… maybe time will heal all wounds!

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