Wendy Williams & Nene Leakes got beef?


Did unstoppable force NeNe Leakes clash with immovable object Wendy Williams over the weekend?

The two headstrong divas have been beefing for some time now and it all reportedly came to a head on Sunday during the Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo. Along with a few other notable women, both ladies were billed as the event’s keynote speakers and NeNe was billed to appear on stage immediately after Wendy.

Now according to the streets, NeNe and Wendy got into a shouting match at the event with all kinds of profanity-laced reads. But NeNe is saying none of that is true.

The Real Housewife of Atlanta star hopped on Twitter yesterday to clear up the rumors and tweeted:

So SHOCKED to hear everything that was happening backstage while I was onstage speaking @ the women’s expo! WOW the professionalism

She later went on Watch What Happens Live and clarified her vague tweet and what went down. As it turns out, that “professionalism” part was all about Wendy’s husband/manager!

I didn’t even see Wendy, nor her husband [Kevin Hunter] today. But a lot happened backstage with her husband, I heard. Just because I was on stage…he went completely crazy, I heard.

Well we heard Kevin may have gone buckwild because NeNe was throwing a whole heap of shade at his wife during her segment. According to one attendee, NeNe was taking jabs at Wendy left and right while the media maven was to the side, signing copies of her book. The 47-year-old was apparently “so nasty and so rude” that Wendy left the book signing before she could even finish!

The attendee tweeted:

Nene spoke AFTER Wendy…Wendy made no mention of her. NeNe came right on stage making digs at Aunt #WendyWilliams 1st. I was there….Wendy spoke after Melissa Gilbert. She was scheduled to speak at 1:00 and came out around 1:20.

Wendy was doing a book signing near the stage as NeNe spoke. NeNe was very loud on the mic [and] making slick remarks clearly directed at #WendyWilliams. Wendy eventually left, appearing flustered and without finishing the signing. Wendy’s husband didn’t make a scene in public at least. NeNe came on stage in public being snarky.

SMH! One big mess! It’s a shame an empowering event like that was allegedly marred by such nastiness.


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