Mathew Knowles Says He’s The Brains Behind Beyoncé’s Success

It’s no secret that Beyoncé And Mathew Knowles have had their ups and downs but apparently the pair have come to better terms.

In an interview with to Page Six Mathew Knowles claims his relationship with his daughter is a positive one:

“I spent the day with Blue Ivy and Beyoncé a couple of months ago,” he said. “And actually hope to see them next week or the week after and spend another day doing Play-Doh with Blue Ivy.”

Doing Play Doh? Okay grandaddy Matty!

The playdate will have to wait though because Knowles has been busy preparing for his day-long “The Entertainment Industry: How Do I Get In?” seminar that’s coming up:

“Let me tell you what it’s not — that I’m trying to cash out on Beyoncé,” Knowles, 63, told Page Six. “Nothing to do with that.”

“[It’s the] same course, same price, that I gave in Barbados,” said the Music World Entertainment creator. “I’ve given similarities of the seminar in Paris. So it’s not something that’s new.”

He’s already got concrete plans to take his seminar to Macon, Ga., next month and Rochester, NY, at the top of 2016. He’s also booking events in New York City, Washington, DC, Baltimore and Norfolk, Va., in the near future.

“As an educator, most people don’t know, I taught for 10 years at the collegiate level. For eight years I’ve taught here in Houston at Texas Southern University,” he explained. “As an educator, this is what I do for a living. This seminar is just an extension of that.”

The seminar features a short video of Beyoncé talking about failure.

So far, he’s sold 300 of the available 500 tickets. Prices range from $99 for students to $299 for the VIP experience, which includes lunch with Knowles and a photo. All participants will get a certificate of completion and a reference book with a glossary of industry definitions and helpful contacts.

“I’m not just Beyoncé’s father,” said the record-label executive, who has managed a number of high-profile artists including Nas. “People want to brand me as that. I’m the brains behind the success.”

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