Ana Baby has a purpose. That purpose is to musically uplift the world from the depths of monotony. While her Puerto Rican and Black heritage leaves you breathless. She has many talents and tricks up her sleeve. Her most extraordinary quality is her performing ability. Leaving anyone who listens captivated. Born in Brooklyn, Ana Baby made her entrance into the world as Saleana (Sa-Le-Ana) Birmingham. She is the youngest of three children, Her mother and siblings moved to Harlem, where she was raised. During her adolescent life, she was known to be an odd ball. Wearing and doing what she wanted even at the tender age of 5. She was very outgoing and outspoken.
Growing up she was known for hanging out with the older crowd in areas like Greenwich Village of downtown Manhattan, which has influenced Ana’s sound tremendously. Ana.B’s story is the one of the underdog. Ana was the cliché outcast teen who seeked direction. She attended the High School of Art & Design. Her keen sense of fashion and her artistic eye lends to her eclectic taste in music. Never really fitting in w/ the suburban kids, nor totally the urban crowd. She was the late bloomer who was shunned, only to become the swan in the end. You can be certain that Ana.B’s music is filled with creativity, personality and an urban edge. She is musically inclined, with a very fun and playful vibe. A confident attitude and a humble appeal, Ana.B has that ‘jen ne sais qui!’ ” I use to think being different was a disadvantage. But now I know I am a gift. What I do is FIRST NATURE…”